About Smart LIM

Smart Socket is a set of sophisticated electrical sensors and components embedded in the LiM prosthesis. This technology will facilitate measuring a number of different functions that will give the user a greater ability to communicate with their healthcare provider and monitor the health of their amputation. In a device with 5 very sophisticated sensors that push a great deal of raw data, how can we create an interface that is simple, where a user can navigate the system to learn important information quickly, and make the information actionable? The current documentation is a draft at the end of stage 1 of a 4-stage build. It is the core of the system and a beginning point for usability testing. There are three sets of users for the system: amputees, prosthetists, and researchers. This build is based on stakeholder interviews and generative user research with amputees in sprint format.


•     Generative Design Research
•     UI Design
•     Mobile Prototype


Imagine the user interface, brand, and method of interaction for the Smart LIM device. Discover how users interact with the product.

Archetype Screens

System Architecture Map

After a long exploratory research study, some abduction, and doing an additional generative study to work directly with participants on potential features, we felt we had a handle on the system. This map grew out of that work and is the guide for the alpha release of the product.

Once we completed a more robust exploratory study, we had a good many insights with which to build product concepts. We mapped out the system and structured all of the ideas we were pretty sure of, but we had quite a few more so we needed to have them vetted by our users. We decided to work with extreme users or “edge cases” in our generative research. Ranjit and Mary, mother of Andrew, were very much that. Their insights were very useful in deciding what ideas we had in our hands that were valuable to them, and which were a waste of time to develop.

Brand Archetype Development Boards

At the early stages of prototyping, I understood a lot about what the product needed to be, but we need to develop a strong identity around the brand. I worked with the current VP of Market, the creative director, and closely with the CEO to develop a message and a story around how we wanted the product to look and to feel. How might SmartLim embody LIM Innovations’ story and stand on its own?

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Identity Sketches

Final Identity Mock Ups

In getting to final iterations on this identity project, it was critical to the client that we built on top of the existing mark of the organization. At the time, the company was still young and it was important to them not to change the face that they were putting out in the world. However, this brand needed to build a home for a new product in their line that would shine through.

Hand Sketches & Planning

This slideshow is a mash-up of different quick sketches done to plan and build the UI. This work was generative, and so I used many of different methods from task analysis grids to sketched wireframe planning. There is also an early stage road map we pushed out to calibrate timing and workflow.

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